The Lincoln Volunteer Center was originally founded in May 1995 and formally incorporated in 1999 as a joint effort among the City of Lincoln, the Western Placer Unified School District, Heritage Church and several community businesses. Each of these partners realized the huge importance of enlisting the service of volunteers in our community.

Volunteers are the backbone of any community. Whether large or small, communities throughout the nation benefit from the services of volunteers. Whether it is a project as small as, say, painting curbs, or a large, community-wide project impacting each and every resident, volunteer efforts are a great way to save you — the taxpayer — additional tax dollars. Not only that, but volunteer efforts often have a huge impact on the quality of life of others, such as a student who is in dire need of a tutor or a mentor. The benefits of volunteering are endless, and that is why I thoroughly enjoy my job as Lincoln Volunteer Center Coordinator.

The people I have met over the years in my role as Coordinator have not only made a huge difference in this community, but in my life as well. The hard work, dedication and giving spirit of these individuals are phenomenal. I hope you will take the time to visit our website and consider becoming a volunteer today.

Please, come join us!

Bob Romness
Executive Director